Locally Owned and Operated

The Pizza Box is owned and operated by Angela and Karl Deadman of Pukekohe. The Pizza Box was built in 2001 and opened on 5th December 2001 Angela saw a huge gap in the food market for brunch and lunch family dining. Angela then initiated the ever popular brunch and lunch menu. This has attracted and appealed to wide cross sections of customers from all over New Zealand.

Papakura & Pukekohe

Angela and Karl decided to extend the Pizza Box and opened a second and equally successful restaurant in Papakura in early October 2008. Both restaurants have grown phenomenally and while they continue to grow in both menu and custom, we endeavor to provide our customers with consistently high quality products and services.

Pizza box has an extensive menu
Pizza box has an extensive menu

Lunch & Brunch

The brunch and lunch menu grew slowly at first, though in time both the pizza and lunch/brunch menus have become very popular to suit every palate.

Gelato & Desserts

Gelato and sorbet was in our menu when the pizza box first opened in 2001 though originally sold in single serve portions. This side of the menu has grown extensively over the years and now includes a wide range of desserts which are all made in house and utilize our very own gelato.

The Pizza Box menu has grown with the growth of the business and we have the flexibility to adjust our menu to suit seasonal variations to cater to our customer’s wants and needs.

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